Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Timo Fresh? Find commonly asked questions and their answers here. Further enquiries are received through our communication channels

  • 1) Do you supply exports to individuals?

    Our specialty in supply is to corporates, with exceptional of individuals with bulky orders of our products

  • 2) Where do you source your products from?

    Timo Fresh is the leading exporter of fresh vegetables across England. All our products freshly hand-collected from Kenya farms.

  • 3) What is the process of ordering?

    All orders are received through our contact/inquiry forms. Urgent orders can be enquired through a live chat with our staffs through WhatsApp or the chatbot

  • 4) What are your prices?

    Timo Fresh has the most competitive pricing of all products that cannot be found anywhere else. Ordering with Timo Fresh would be like shopping in your home village market. Our prices depends with the product you are ordering and the quantity of your order. The higher the order, the more you save.

  • 5) Are you authorized for this work?

    Timo Fresh Exporters is a registered limited liability company, importing and exporting a wide range of fresh vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits and fresh flowers from Kenya.

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